A Hospital Built Just for Kids

Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children is a sanctuary of hope and healing. The most advanced technology, coupled with compassion and dedication have made Arnold Palmer Hospital one of the most trusted names in children’s healthcare worldwide. Careful attention has been paid to creating a cheerful, comforting environment to minimize stress and generate smiles.

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Kohl's Cares
Kohl's Cares

When it comes to kids, Kohl's cares. We actively support kids' health and education initiatives in communities nationwide. With over a decade of dedication and hundreds of millions of dollars raised, we aim to give kids a healthier, happier future. From injury prevention, immunization, and nutrition programs to scholarships and cause merchandise, we are committed to making a difference for kids so that someday they can make a difference in the world.

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Step up your game with Kohl’s Play It Forward!

Want to become a more accomplished athlete? It all starts with sports safety. The Kohl's Play It Forward program, powered by Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, is designed to help you make the best decisions while competing. This website is filled with valuable tips, guides, and resources, designed to help you play it safe when you’re playing to win.

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Let's Go!

TIP: Avoid soft drinks, coffee, tea and fruit juices when playing sports… they’ll dehydrate you even more.

TIP: To determine if you have enough fluids in your body, check your urine. If it is a dark, cloudy yellow you need to drink more. You want your urine to be a pale, clear yellow.

Get Moving

TIP: Avoid consuming large amounts of sugar, like a candy bar, before a workout or practice, as it will only provide a short amount of energy. Your body burns off sugar quickly, and this will only leave you hungrier and more tired later in the workout.

TIP: Eating “fortified foods” is similar to taking vitamin supplements. Go the extra mile and get your nutrients naturally. Research shows that there is a greater benefit when consuming foods that naturally contain vitamins and minerals.

Get Moving

TIP: Stretching is a vital part of athletic participation. Dynamic stretching before activity prepares your body for training and prevents muscle injuries by reducing tightness and increasing elasticity. Static stretching after activity helps cool down and relax your body.

TIP: Be careful to not over train. There is such a thing as too much. If you feel as though you’re exceeding your limits, stop immediately and tell someone.

Get Moving

TIP: Hiding pain increases the chances of an injury becoming much worse. Speak up now to avoid more serious injuries in the future.

TIP: Wear the right gear! Each sport has its own requirements for equipment and protective gear. Make sure everything fits properly. Poor fitting equipment can lead to injuries.

Get Moving

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You may have made it to the end of this course, but your journey on the playing field of sports safety has only just begun. There’s a lot more to discover. Simply click the drop down menu above to go even further.

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Drink More Water.

Dehydration is a serious condition that occurs when the loss of water in the body exceeds the amount taken in. To prevent your body from dehydration, drink water or sports drinks before, during, and after all athletic activities.

Food Is Fuel.

Eat right to get the best nutrients and achieve consistent energy levels during your athletic activities. Always pack a snack like a granola bar or banana for healthy fuel on the go.

Education Is Key.

The more you know about your sport, the better you can protect yourself from injury. Educate yourself in the fundamentals. Learn the proper techniques. It is okay to ask your coaches and trainers questions.

Don't Keep It In.

If something doesn’t feel right, speak up immediately. You know your body better than anyone else, so if you’re hurting or feel like something is wrong, vocalize it.

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